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Private Water Supply Wells

Borehole Drilling for Garden Wells

Your own garden bore hole beats the hose pipe ban!

We work with a specialist water borehole drilling company who can access the water under the ground in your garden by way of drilling a deep narrow well, only approximately 113mm o/d wide to a sufficient depth to supply water (up to 8m) and installing a submersible pump. This can have a discreet appearance in your garden which can be covered with an attractive pump.
The drilling rig is under a metre wide and can access entrances to this width.

Landscaping & Driveways Landscaping & Driveways

The water, of which you can draw up to 20,000 litres / 4,400 gallons daily without charge, can be used for your garden and connected to an irrigation system beating the hosepipe ban and ensuring that your investment in your garden is not lost through insufficient watering.

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