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Automatic garden irrigation systems installed.

We have all heard how global warming is changing the climate not only here in Surrey but all over the world. One of the key issues, if you have a larger than average garden, is to ensure the shrubs, plants, flowers and the lawns receive enough water to make them flourish. Hand watering with a hose or moving a sprinkler around are just not practical.

The answer is to design and install an automatic watering sprinkler system that takes all of the worry away and in fact will automatically water your garden, if you want, in the middle of the night. This therefore makes the best possible use of water, reduces evaporation and means unhindered daytime enjoyment of your garden.

Garden Irrigation Systems

We work with a specialist irrigation company that has been installing these systems for more than 30 years. They design and tailor make the system to the unique requirements of your garden.

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